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September 04, 2008



You know how much I love animals, so I totally understand how it can feel when a pet is not feeling as well as you would have hoped, and the feeling of helplessness when there is nothing you can do.

Having just gone through the loss of our precious wonder-pup, I can only say this: savor your time with the little ones. You can get other pets, sure, but it's never the same.

All my best to Chuck, and I hope he remains in good health.


Thanks, K. ChazWaz seems to at least be in better spirits - he's on some medicine to get his appetite back, and he's been eating on his own again, so that's good.

The Irish Car Bomb

He seems really grumpy today, which I think is a good sign. I fed him some baby cereal and he hated it and fought hard, so he's getting some attitude back.

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